Kitchen Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits Installation

Part of your whole kitchen exhaust system is your exhaust fan. When food is being cooked in your kitchen, you should know that your rooftop ventilators are working hard to do their job. Unfortunately, exhaust fan maintenance can be quite tricky as these fans are heavy and difficult to move. The weather can also be a factor when moving the fans as well.

NFPA-96 Standard requires an exhaust fan hinge kit for rooftop ventilators. It is stated particularly in section 8.1.1, “approved up blast fans with motors surrounded by the airstream shall be hinged.” A hinged exhaust fan is safer and easier to clean.

Why is an exhaust fan hinge kit important?

Having an exhaust fan hinge kit installed helps to protect your expensive up blast fans and provides easier access for cleaning. Exhaust fan hinge kits are important due to the following reasons:

  • For safety measures. If you try to remove a heavy exhaust fan without a hinge kit from its duct is not only dangerous for the contractor but can cause some degree of damage to the roof or the fan housing.
  • For proper exhaust fan cleaning. In order to thoroughly clean all the area of a commercial kitchen, an exhaust fan must be installed to safely access all areas for proper cleaning.
  • For the protection of the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can be damaged over time by removing it from the stack repeatedly and placing it on its side. With the help of an exhaust fan hinge, this will eliminate the problem.
  • For the protection of fan wires. Without an exhaust fan hinge kit, the fan wiring is subject to unnecessary abuse during cleaning and maintenance.
  • For prevention of roof damage. Rooftop damage can be the result of placing the exhaust fan on the roof during cleaning or maintenance.

Types of Hinge Kits

Not all hinge kits are created equal. Below are some of the types of hinge kits you can use in your commercial kitchen.

  1. L-bar Hinge Kits

This type of hinge kit is the least expensive. It keeps the fan open without chains. Installation requires 2 to 3 inches of space on the back or side of the curb. L-bar hinge kits are further classified as a standard duty or heavy duty depending on the size of the fan bases and weights.

  1. Driploc Hinge Kits

This type of hinge kit can be installed on almost any exhaust fan. Chains attached to the fan to keep it open. Driploc hinge kits are also classified into two: the standard hinge and the over-sized hinge.

  1. Omni Super Hinge

Of all the types of hinge kits available, this is the most durable, and reliable. It has a lifetime warranty to extend the life of your exhaust fan. It is also subdivided into two kinds namely, the standard version and the quick fit version.

Your professional kitchen exhaust cleaning experts know how to install these hinge kits. All you have to do is give them a call and they will be happier to do the job for you.

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