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Range hoods are an important part of your kitchen area. They are sometimes the most overlooked kitchen appliance although they contribute a lot in making your kitchen a comfortable working environment.


Benefits of a Range Hood in a Kitchen

  1. A range hood contributes to a more clean air in the kitchen.
    Notably, the most important role of a range hood is to remove any unwanted gas and odors in the kitchen. When cooking or preparing for a meal, other people might end up dealing with the smoke and the odor that comes with it. With the help of a range hood, it drives away any unwanted particles in the air.

    2. A range hood makes your cooking more comfortable.
    A range hood can contribute to a clean and comfortable cooking environment. Cooking produces heat so sometimes it is uncomfortable dealing with all the smokes around the kitchen.

    A good quality range hood can make the life of a chef easier and all the other kitchen personnel. It will give them the freedom to explore more and be creative with their cooking style. When you’re comfortable in your working environment, you will be motivated to perform better.

    3. A range hood makes kitchen cleaning easier.
    Cooking sometimes leaves excessive moisture in the air and it is also a factor for grease build-up which is sometimes hard to remove. Having a range hood prevents those things and makes your cleaning a little bit easier.

    4. A range hood provides better kitchen lighting.
    An additional good feature of a range hood is the additional lighting it provides. This feature will be most beneficial to the chef because he can see well if he is preparing the dish in the right manner. Same goes when cleaning, a person can see much better and can clean all the areas in the cooktop thus preventing the build-up of grease in the kitchen. 

    5. A range hood is a good kitchen investment
    This can come in handy if you want to re-sell your restaurant. A restaurant with a range hood installed has a higher market value than a restaurant with none. For this reason, a range hood is considered a luxury in every restaurant. 

Cleaning the range hoods

Luckily, you can clean your greasy range hood filters all by yourself if you are not operating a commercial kitchen business. You just need the proper materials and degreasing products to help you do the job.

However, if you are in a food business, you should hire professional cleaning experts to do the job for you. They have the proper experience, the proper knowledge, and the proper equipment for cleaning your greasy kitchen hoods. They make sure that you are in compliance with the existing regulations in regards to cleaning your kitchen hoods. NFPA-96 Standard requires that the persons who will clean your range hoods are qualified and licensed to ensure that thorough cleaning is done. Most of the kitchen hood operators clean the kitchen hoods thoroughly and will issue a certificate to their customers.

Your range hoods need to be properly cleaned and maintained to avoid the risk of fire hazards and other unwanted events. Hiring professional kitchen hood cleaners will get the job done.


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